SNOW Internship 인턴쉽
July/05/2021 ~ December/18/2021
Animation : Donghee Kim
Sound Design : Junhyun Bae

What is VITA app?
VITA is one of the services for video editing in SNOW Corporation.
Users can make video content with editing tools and motion effects.
In the VITA, there are a lot of interesting and exciting templates with motion graphic effects and designs. 
Many teenagers use this app for uploading their Instagram Reels or Youtube Shorts.
<Work Process>
1. Make a Short Scenario
Make a short video flow with at that time trendy ideas such as celebrating holidays, and hot topic news.
For example, in my works, I made the idea of going Santa Claus to the user's house for the Christmas holiday. 
Another example, I made an idea with stock and bitcoin content, when they were hot in news.
When the keyword and concept are settled, I researched specific ideas from Pinterest and Shutter Stock.

2. Compounding Video and Motion Effects
Either video stocks or filmed videos, 
begin the design works and compose motion effects for the story.
-Red Giant Effects
-Keying work

3. Research Indicator of User's Reaction
Every one week later, after templates were released, we got the numerical value from the app data globally. With these data, we discussed the global trends for every country, and then we decided to make another template idea for every weekly meeting.
( We also can check the users' reaction from the VITA app directly! )
Thanks to
VITA Motion Contents Effect Studio Team
for the valuable experience!
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